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How can I help?

You can support the library by donating to cover the discounted cost and processing of new materials. With your donation, you get the first look at the book. Your request for the item you purchase will be processed immediately when the item comes in.

How it works

  • Please contact us at beabookhero@dallaslibrary2.org for more information and title selections.

  • The book, DVD, or CD will become part of the library's permanent collection, but it will be sent directly to your library location once it arrives and will be held for you to check out.

  • By purchasing through the library...
    • You'll receive a great discount
    • You'll get the first crack at the latest titles
    • You'll be helping the library expand its collection
    • Your tax-deductible gift will allow dozens of library users to read the same book, watch the same movie, or hear the same music as you
    • You won't have to worry about taking up extra shelf space at home once you finish the book...
    • ...or wait in line for requested items!

Additional Information

Why not just buy the book and donate it later?
The library welcomes book donations as well as monetary donations. By purchasing a book through the library, however, you'll save us processing and cataloging time - as well as receive a great discount on the book itself.

Can I keep the book?
You will be the first to check the book out from the library, but it will be property of the Dallas Public Library. It will arrive processed for the library, with a dust jacket, barcode, and property stamp. If the book is lost or damaged while you have it checked out, you will be charged for replacement plus a replacement fee.

What does the donation include?
The price includes the cost of the book as well as the processing fee. Because you are purchasing the book through the library, however, you will receive a great discount. Your donation will also be tax-deductible. You will also be helping the library expand its collection and provide more copies of popular titles.

How long will it take for the book to arrive?
New books ordered with enough advance notice will arrive the same day as they would appear in a book store. Materials already out in stores will take approximately one to two weeks to arrive at your library location.

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