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Support the library by donating

Donating to the Collection

When you contribute to Dallas Public Library, your name, or the name of the person you choose to honor, will be printed on a bookplate and placed in a new item that will circulate throughout the Dallas Public Library System.

What your gift could buy:

  • $50  TV season series on DVD or a digital audiobook
  • $30  Fiction hardcover or Summer Blockbuster DVD or a digital video
  • $25  Nonfiction hardcover
  • $20  Classic Movie on DVD
  • $15  Music CD or an Ebook or a digital music album
  • $10  Paperback

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Donating to Support Library Programming

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Pet Memorial Fund


The Dallas Public Library Pet Memorial Fund was established in Dallas as a result of a cooperative between the library and the Texas Kennel Club. It is a lasting way to remember a beloved pet. Animal lovers, pet owners or friends wishing to donate may pick up a form at any Dallas Public Library location or send a check to:

I would like to donate online

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The donation will be used to purchase library materials that provide information and enjoyment for animal lovers of all ages. A $25.00 minimum gift is necessary for acknowledgement in the Pet Memory Book and a bookplate in the book purchased. However, all gifts are greatly appreciated.

The following information is reproduced from the Texas Kennel Club, Inc. Pet Memorial Fund web site:

Dallas Public Library is one of only two libraries in the country with a pet memorial fund. The other is the Public Library of Cincinnati where the fund was established more than 30 years ago upon the death of a beloved pet of a library employee. The fund was established Dallas as a result of a cooperative effort between the Library and the Texas Kennel Club.

The purpose of the fund is to provide the library with a collection of books and other materials for children and adults on the care of pets. Children's stories about animals are also included in the collection, in the hope that the care of and love for animals can be instilled in children.

A bookplate, containing the name of the pet or person to be memorialized and donor, is placed in the memorial book. Each time a book is given to honor a pet or a person, a page will be added to the Pet Memory book showing the name of the pet or person, the name of the person making the donation, and the date. The book will be permanently housed in the Business and Technology division of the Central Library. Animal lovers, pet owners or friends wishing to contribute to the fund may fill out the form and send their checks to the Pet Memorial Fund,Dallas Public Library, 1515 Young Street, Dallas, TX 75201.

Donate Used Materials

The Dallas Public Library welcomes gifts and donations of new or slightly worn materials at all library locations during open hours.

Donated materials become the property of the Dallas Public Library and will be evaluated based upon our collection development policy and may be added to the collection, sold, traded, discarded or donated to another non-profit institution or library. All proceeds from the sale of donated materials benefits the Dallas Public Library.

Accepted materials:

  • Books that are gently used, clean and in good condition
  • Comic Books
  • Magazines
  • DVD, Blu-Ray and VHS
  • Music CDs
  • Audiobooks
  • Vinyl Records/LPs

Unaccepted materials:

  • Books that are in poor condition, dirty, water damaged, moldy or chewed upon
  • Homemade or pirated media
  • Electronic Devices

Please keep the following in mind when donating materials:

  • Due to space limitations at many of our locations, please limit donations to 3 medium size boxes (15”x12”x10”) at a time.
  • If you have more than 3 boxes, please contact the branch during open hours to schedule a time to drop off materials.
  • If you have more than 10 boxes of donated materials, please contact the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library at 214-670-7809 to make arrangements for drop-off items at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library.
  • Due to the volume of materials received, the Dallas Public Library cannot pick-up donations.

Donations of items such as craft supplies, puzzles or games will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please call 214-670-7809.

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