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Children�s Program Assistant

Why volunteer?

  • Make friends
  • Give Back
  • Learn a Skill
  • Community Engagement
  • Job Experience
  • College Application
  • Have Fun

How to volunteer?

  1. Experience a volunteer orientation
  2. View training
  3. Fill out a Volunteer Application Form
  4. Interview
  5. Get scheduled

Dallas Public Library accepts volunteers age 14 and older.

  • At the discretion of staff, children under the age of 14 may be approved to co-volunteer with a parent or guardian.

  • Explore Volunteer Opportunities

    Literacy Programs

    • Contact our Adult Literacy Coordinators to volunteer as an ESL or GED instructor

      • ESL Volunteers

        Lead or assist with lessons that encourage improvement in vocabulary, pronunciation, and understanding of the English Language

      • GED Volunteer

        Provide guided instruction for GED subjects and encouragement to those working toward their GED

    • Children's Program Assistant

      Engage children in storytimes and literacy activities

    Event Collaborator

    Wanna help library staff prepare for library events? If so, then you should be one of our event collaborators! You have the opportunity to engage in fun activities like...

      • Assist with arts & crafts activities for story time and other children’s programming
      • Help staff with library after-school events
      • Arrange library spaces for cool events

    Tech Genius

    If you have savvy computer skills, you should sign up as a tech genius. You get to...

      • Help library users with easy computer questions, such as “how do I create an email account?” or “how do I use PowerPoint?”
      • Teach a computer class and help others learn super basic computer skills

    Book Master

    So I’m sure it’s safe to assume that you’re a bookworm. If so, you’re destined to be a book master. You have the chance to help library staff with anything involving books:

      • Help find books to send to other libraries across the city of Dallas
      • Ensure that books are in their correct order on the library shelves
      • Organize library materials on book carts
      • Assist with weeding books from the library collection

    Display Artist

    Are you artsy? Then you should definitely volunteer as one of the library’s display artists, where you can...

      • Create engaging artwork for book displays
      • Come up with display ideas for staff

    Donations Wizard

    Dallas Public Library receives tons of donated materials, such as books, magazines, chapbooks & other materials. We need your help in sorting the wheat from the chaff. As our donations wizard, you will...

      • Sort out donated materials in bad condition and need to be recycled
      • Help staff determine which books serve the needs of the local community and should be added to the library’s collection
      • If a book is in good condition but doesn’t serve the community’s needs, you can help staff decide which books can be sold at the annual book sale

    Central Greeter

    This volunteer position is currently exclusive to J. Erik Jonsson Central Library in Downtown Dallas. If you’re someone who enjoys smiling and making other folks feel welcomed, then this volunteer opportunity is for you. As a Central Greeter, you get to...

      • Engage in positive interactions with library goers
      • Direct patrons to their desired locations
      • Smile, Smile, Smile!

    Neat Freak

    If you’re super tidy and organized, then you should be one of the library’s neat freaks where you...

      • Engage in light cleaning tasks (light dusting, picking up trash surrounding the library building)
      • Neaten up chairs and desks after library programs

    Volunteer Mentor

    If you have at least 2 years of consistent volunteer service, you can qualify as a volunteer mentor. You’ll get to show volunteer newbies the ropes by helping library staff train volunteer newcomers.

    Show off your Talents!

    Let library staff know if you have any awesome talents and/or unique skills. We just may create a new volunteer opportunity designed specifically for you!

    Practicum Students

    Dallas Public Library has proudly accepted many MLS/MLIS practicum students. We have several library managers and experienced library staff who’d gladly mentor you in your educational and professional journey.

    If you’re considering completing your practicum with Dallas Public Library, you’d need to:
  • • Call your preferred library location(s) and ask to speak to the manager and arrange a practicum interview. Click here for branch contacts. Click here for the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library units.
    • o Although you’ll most likely find a placement, we can’t guarantee that you’ll be placed at your preferred location
  • • After a successful interview, fill out the volunteer application
    • o Afterwards, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you and start your background check
      o You’ll be notified of the background check results
  • • After a successful background check, you can arrange your practicum schedule with the manager of your preferred location
  • • Fill out the volunteer log after each date of service

    Volunteer Orientations

    Court-Ordered Volunteers

    All court ordered volunteers must contact the volunteer coordinator at 214-671-9206 or volunteer@dallaslibrary2.org

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